11 Ways to Make Today More Joyful

AutumnDoes life and work seem drab? Here are 11 ways to shake things up, avoid mediocrity and feel great everyday.

The clock ticks by; the day seems to drag along. You can sort of feelthe drudgery. You are getting work done but it’s mindless and unsatisfying. It doesn’t matter that the workday is nearly over because even the time outside of work doesn’t seem very interesting anymore. Maybe you are somewhat disillusioned or uninspired. Things aren’t really horrible, they just feel… well, sort of blah!

No need to panic. There are plenty of ways to make life fun and meaningful. Here are my favourites. Trying even a few is sure to spice things up. Do them all and you will never feel blah again.

1. Go Learn Something New

You can learn something simple from an online class or something involved like a new language. Either way you’ll stimulate your mind and enjoy accomplishment.

2. Compete Hard for a Promotion

Many people just assume they are entitled to promotion, but why not work hard for it? The preparation and lobbying will give you thrills and energy. Especially if you win.

3. Start a Business

You don’t have to be the next Mark Zuckerberg. But even creating an Etsy store can inspire you to think in new ways and add extra money to your wallet.

4. Engage With Nature

A sterile cubicle can suck the life out you. Go camping in the wilderness or boating on a lake. The views, colour, and fresh air will regenerate your energy… naturally.

5. Do Something that Frightens You

Nothing says excitement like a little adrenaline.  Try skydiving or public speaking.  Even a sober trip to the karaoke bar can give you a new jolt of self-confidence that will energize you.

6. Remove Those Who Bore You

Stop hanging out with dull people who have no life and make you unhappy. Tell them to step up or go away. (This includes spouses and significant others.) Surround yourself with the most talented, fascinating people you can find. Just make sure you bring something to the table as well.

7. Create a Useful and Funny Video

Everyone deals with something at the work that irks the team. Video is cheap and easy.  Get people involved in making a tasteful but funny video that makes the point about cleaning the fridge or speaking softer on the phone. Here is everything you need.

8. Visit Another Country

Maybe you need a totally different perspective. Forget that stay-cation and see how other people really live. Do a home exchange and live like the French, Spanish or Croatians.

9. Do Something Physically Active

Physical activity alleviates stress and releases endorphins and gets creative juices flowing. Some of my best ideas have come during workouts. Go bike, run, kayak, skate, etc. It’ll feel good and make you look good too.

10. Quit Your Job

Stop doing what you hate and start doing what you love! Yes these are hard economic times, but no one should live in daily misery from a job.

11. Plan Your Preferred Destiny

For those of you serious about taking control of your life, start now! Grab someone you trust and have a serious discussion about who you want to be when you grow up. Then hold each other accountable.