Admit It: You’re Happy to Be Overworked!

Student overworkedA new survey shows that some people put in extra hours during their working week but still feel happy about their work-life balance.

Happy about being overworked? A new survey found that some people are!

In the survey by project management software maker Wrike, 87% of 2,000 participants say they feel overworked. Here’s the catch: of that percentage, a whopping 38% find their work-life balance satisfactory despite feeling overworked.

Among all participants, which included business owners, executives, managers, employees and freelancers, 42% are happy with their work-life balance while 46% feel overburdened from time to time.

Participants disclosed how many hours they overwork in a week: 39% said more than five hours, 35% said two to five hours, and only 13% said less than an hour.

Wrike noted that those at the bottom of the corporate ladder, 50.8% of non-high ranking employees, are more satisfied with their work-life balance than executives (40.5%), managers (36.8%) and business owners (29%).

The survey also asked participants what disrupts their productivity. About 41% pointed to common interruptions while 21% admitted to procrastination.

As for motivation to keep to the grind, participants said it’s mostly a sense of responsibility (76.8%), while a good mood (56.9%) and the potential for a reward (42.1%) also rang true.