Consumers willing to pay more for engaging brands

Two-thirds of consumers are more likely to buy goods and services from brands that offer interesting content and social media experiences, new research has found.

They are also willing to pay extra for goods and services from brands who publish content – even if it costs up to ten per cent more than competitor brands that don’t.

The majority of consumers (68 per cent) want brands to publish content, according to the survey by Axonn Research. Over half of respondents said they were also willing to swap their contact details for premium content such as white papers.

It demonstrates an ongoing trend in the popularity and importance of online content and social media marketing when engaging with clients and building brand awareness.

Nearly three quarters of the marketing professionals surveyed said their content marketing activity had led to an increase in traffic to their websites. The most popular form of content marketing was:

  • Social media (88 per cent)
  • Email campaigns (77 per cent)
  • News articles (71 per cent)
  • Blog posts (64 per cent)

Axonn Media’s CEO, Fergus Parker, said that content marketing was one of the fastest growing forms of marketing but acknowledged that lack of time and budgetary restraints were the main reasons for businesses failing to take up a more formal strategy.

“Since the term’s inception in 2009, ‘content marketing’ has become one of the main ways organisations attract and engage with their online audiences and this data shows this is paying off with increased sales.”

“It’s important for businesses to note that their online efforts are being rewarded with a willingness amongst consumers to pay five to ten per cent more for their goods and services, which can make a real difference to the bottom line.”