How Sage One can impact your practice, with Mark Barrett

ImageThis month we’ve had some great success stories with Sage One – Mark Barrett from Cannon Moorcroft Ltd tells us how he has helped grow the practice by expanding into online solutions such as Sage One.

“When SageOne first came out we thought it was a simple and straight forward bookkeeping option suited for those clients who currently keep their accounting information on spreadsheets or in a box!

We felt it would be ideal for sole traders and micro businesses who really didn’t need the additional features and higher price tag of other cloud accounting packages –  and why pay for something you don’t use?”

Of course we’re always trying to improve the Sage One range, and we listen carefully to our customers’ feedback when developing new features and updates.

“The addition of the data import feature and integration with Sage One Payroll makes Sage One a more mature option for small businesses at an attractive price, and has certainly made it an easier prospect to approach clients with.

It appears to be unique so far amongst cloud accounting providers that Sage One Payroll has been created and is supported by the same company. This makes it easier for clients, having one telephone number and one source of help, rather than two companies blaming each other for issues and the client getting stuck in the middle.”

So what difference has the Sage One made to your practice?

“We like Sage One so much, we set up a separate company to offer online accounting services exclusively using Sage One products. With its low costs and shallow learning curve, it is ideally suited to the type of micro businesses and sole traders we’re trying to attract.

With the Sage name behind the Sage One products, and the support we’ve received, we didn’t feel like it was much of a risk using Sage One in our new venture. For less than the cost of a mobile phone contract our clients can now have integrated Sage One Accounts and Payroll software with 24/7 support, and it makes it easier and quicker for us to support them, strengthening their opinion of us as their accountant.”