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Are you protected against GOZeus and CryptoLocker?

Helping you protect your computer, your finances, your identity and your family against a new global online threat. The threat is targeted at random private individuals and small businesses, so it is critical that you read this page and apply our advice immediately if you have a computer running any version of the Windows operating...
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Free (or almost free) apps for small businesses

Here are a pick of the most effective and affordable apps that can scale as your business grows. Small businesses rarely have small problems or big budgets. I’m always on the lookout for technology that would make our lives easier. Unfortunately, clunky user interfaces and non-existent support means apps are often more trouble than they were...
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How to Choose an Accountant!

Don't assume only big companies need the services of an accountant. Accountants help you keep an eye on major costs as early as the start-up stage, a time when you're probably preoccupied with counting every paper clip and postage stamp. Accountants help you look at the big picture. In fact, perhaps no other business relationship has such...
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