4C provides the solution

We are keen supporters of 4C, whose 50 charity members have many projects that they need help with, but 4C need more supporters and volunteers to assist the ever growing need.

4C is a not for profit charitable organisation that assists responsible businesses in Bucks to fulfil a corporate social responsibility agenda by matching them with voluntary sector organisations that need a time or service commitment.

How will being a part of 4C Help?

  • 4C is committed to connecting community, charity and not for profit organisations with local businesses that can support them.
  • 4C assess the needs of the community and organise effective partnering with the right business. 
  • 4C will always publicise the efforts of members, and actively encourage people to document the work they have done enabling positive PR and promotion.
  • 4C makes it simple for businesses to locate CSR projects of various sizes.
  • 4C hold four large networking events every year, attended by over 100 organisations from the business and voluntary sectors. A unique opportunity for voluntary and charity organisations to connect with local business partners allowing them to find solutions to their needs.
  • 4C is recognised in our business community and has a strong and influential following, carrying the 4C logo on your business card, email or letterhead shows that your business is committed to a CSR policy.
  • CSR can give tangible advantages to businesses and their staff, improving morale, staff development and connection with your clients.
  • We have two fund raising events every year, a gala ball and a golf day – both great opportunities for businesses to network whilst raising the CSR awareness.
  • Access to special offers from supporters                                                                                                                      

What current supporters say…

As a local resident and owner of a local business, I feel a responsibility to do what I can for organisations and individuals locally who through no fault of their own are disadvantaged for some reason. For me, corporate social responsibility (CSR)  is all about giving something back to the local community and what 4C offers is a structure through which to achieve this. Times are tough and I want to make sure that when I give something to the community it has real impact. 4C is so well connected that I know this happen every time. Beyond the opportunity to give something back the amount of inter-company work is a very positive by-product of membership.” Michael Garvey Managing Director, Stupples Chandler Garvey.

As a business we have always been aware that there is a need to give something back to the local community. When we became aware of 4C around 4 years ago, what attracted us was the opportunity to support local causes without having to commit significant funds that we didn’t have. What we did have was time and resource and 4C has enabled us to use our skills and expertise to help a number of local charities. Our experience of 4C has only ever been good and as it grows, so does the work it does for the community.” Owen Hughes – Eyes Wide Open

If you’d like to get involved then contact us today for more information