Tax Return Checklist




P60 certificate of pay & tax

P45 leaver’s certificate of pay & tax

P11D benefits and expenses

Records of benefits from third parties

Receipts for allowable expenses

Records to support claims to restrict assessable benefits, e.g. mileage records

Copy of notices of coding





Lump sum receipt details

Details of state benefits received e.g. Annual notice of increase or copy bank statements. Please state if you or your partner are claiming Child Benefit.


Savings Income


Interest Certificates from banks and building societies or copy statements/passbooks

Interest Statements from National Savings

First Option Bond Receipts

Dividend/Interest vouchers from companies and Unit Trusts

Rental Income


Details/receipts for each property of:

Rent receivable

Bad debts

Expenses incurred including repairs, decorating, rates, agent’s fees etc.

Interest paid on loans for purchase etc.

Capital Expenditure on improvements etc.

For Furnished Holiday Lets number of days available and days actually let.


Income from Abroad

Receipts/vouchers from income and details of any foreign tax deducted/paid


Income from Settlements and Estates


Certificates of tax deducted (Forms R185 etc.)

If no R185, details of income and vouchers/receipts etc.


Other Income

Records or receipts for:

Mortgage cashback

Bond withdrawals/Chargeable Event Certificate


Capital Gains


Contract notes for purchases and sales

Documentation for other capital receipts e.g. vouchers, contract, completion statement, correspondence etc.


Claims for Allowances and Reliefs


Pension contributions: amount, paid gross or net of tax? Insurance company, policy number

Certificate of Interest paid eg on loan for acquiring shares in a close trading company in which you are engaged full time

Venture Capital Trust Certificates

Enterprise Investment Scheme Certificates

Details of payments under Covenants

Gift Aid payments

Trade Union/Friendly Society Contribution slips

Receipts for tax paid




If in doubt, please contact Lesley or your CM contact.