FarmerHaving acted for many farmers over numerous years, we have an in depth knowledge and awareness of the issues that farmers face. We are therefore well able to advise on the issues affecting your business such as VAT, mixed farming and diversification, treatment of expenditure on farm equipment and buildings

One of our specialist team will advise you on how to organise your farming business financially as well as prepare your annual accounts and tax return. You can be sound of mind knowing everything is in place so you can enjoy concentrating on your farm or agriculture business free from worry.

Some of our team come from farming families themselves, and therefore understand the needs of the farmer. We regularly speak at seminars in the community dealing with topical issues relating to farming and the countryside.

You’ll benefit from our experience in:

  • Business planning
  • Wealth issues – including wills
  • Capital Tax planning
  • General practical advice

Our approach to land-based business recognises their often unique circumstances, family/employee relationships, and the complexities of EU subsidies, grants and quotas.

Agriculture tends to be capital intensive, so the approach to funding is important. Considerations of succession and capital tax planning (both inheritance tax and capital gains tax) may be vital.

As well as the Partner responsible for looking after your business, you’ll have a dedicated manager and a team backed up by our tax experts on hand to advise on the more complex areas of tax planning affecting landowners.