February 2013 INSIDER Newsletter

Insider 2013 NewsletterIn Cannon Moorcroft’s February 2013 edition of Insider this month, we will look at the growth of internet retail and provide some tips for setting up online.

Adverse weather has affected most of the UK recently – there’s some advice for businesses on dealing with the effects.

In marketing, industry experts outline the keys to marketing success in 2013. And we look at Government plans for a shake-up of the state pension; what will it mean for you in retirement?

Also in this issue we are giving away our ‘How to measuring business performance‘ guide for free.

While the profit and loss account shows important evidence of your financial results, there are other measurements that can provide alternative assessments of the business.

Using key performance indicators (KPIs) can give you greater insight into how your business is performing and help you in making better and more informed decisions. But you need to select indicators that are key to attaining your business objectives.
Download our free guide to learn the best ways to measure the performance of your business.